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  • CAP01 - The first start
  • CAP02 - Create a new project
  • CAP03 - Create a new drawing document
  • CAP03 - Create a new plan
  • CAP04 - Creation of a dwg
  • CAP05 - Project DWG _ Architectural module
  • CAP06 - Project DWG _ Inserting fixtures
  • CAP07 - Project DWG _ Inserting doors and goods lift
  • CAP08 - Project DWG _ Inserting holes
  • CAP09 - Project DWG _ Inserting tiles
  • CAP10 - Project DWG _ Pillars, floors and ceilings
  • CAP11 - Project DWG _ Inserting equipments
  • CAP12 - Project DWG _ Inserting cooking equipment
  • CAP13 - Project DWG _ Inserting washing equipment
  • CAP14 - Project DWG _ Making special equipment
  • CAP15 - Project DWG -Trasform products to accessories
  • CAP16 - Project DWG _ Special worktop
  • CAP17 - Project DWG _ Hoods and floor grate
  • CAP18 - Project DWG _ Identify equipments
  • CAP19 - Project DWG _ Creating a print layout
  • CAP20 - Project DWG _ Rendering
  • CAP21 - Create new supplier
  • CAP21 - Project DWG _ Syncronization with the offer
  • CAP22 - Import products from MS Excel
  • CAP22 - Offer - Inserting products
  • CAP23 - Import a DWG drawing not created by MasterChef
  • CAP23 - Offer module - discounts management
  • CAP24 - Managing installation points and dimensions
  • CAP24 - Offer module - Terms of sale, additional costs and services
  • CAP25 - Import pricelist
  • CAP25 - Offer module – Print
  • CAP26 - Managing installation points
  • CAP27 - Drawing dimensions
  • CAP28 - Creating a profile for the ExtrudeShape command
  • CAP29 - Offer -Export and import user pricelists
  • CAP30 - Project DWG How to import a DWG drawing not created with MasterChef



[ Tutorial ]


  • CAD: Bug Report for libraries
  • CAD: E-catalog is not working
  • CAD: E-Catalog Run Time Error 424 / MSC FULL - the command closes by itself
  • CAD: E-Catalog Run Time Error 9
  • CAD: Evaluation version - Demaged Internal Clock
  • CAD: Hide lights in model space
  • CAD: How to change plot colors
  • CAD: How to change position symbol for equipment
  • CAD: How to create a new layer
  • CAD: How to import elements from a template
  • CAD: How to lock a viewport
  • CAD: How to use command User Library
  • CAD: I don't want conjunction line between equipment and position number
  • CAD: In the technical legend and synchronized offer the zones order is not correct
  • CAD: moving to top view everything disappears
  • CAD: Opening a drawing: Warning: Not Standard Draw for Masterchef
  • CAD: Technical Legend and Offer Synchronization: Run time error...
  • CAD: the file can be open read-only
  • CAD: There are not libraries in the e-catalog
  • CAD: When I import a plan not created with MSC, the scale is wrong
  • CAD: When I print a viewport it is not rendered
  • LIBRARIES: I have problems with all libraries
  • LIBRARIES: If you have a problem with one library
  • LIVEUPDATE Run time error 3709 The connection cannot be used....
  • LIVEUPDATE: Attempt to hack Masterchef...
  • LIVEUPDATE: It seems to stop after downloading libraries and not to install them, near the libraries names appear a red symbol
  • LIVEUPDATE: Unable to connect to the WEB server. Please verify your internet connection and that your UserID and Password are typed correctly!
  • MSC FULL: VBA commands (E-Catalog, Technical Legend, Offer Synchronization, Installations) don't work
  • NETWORK: all data are shared, but I cannot open offers created by my colleagues
  • OFFER EXPORT: When you export the offer to a Word file, you cannot see the information as you set
  • OFFER SETTINGS: I changed offer settings,but they are not used as default for all my new quotations
  • OFFER: How to round prices
  • OFFER: there are not prices or they are wrong
  • PATH NOT FOUND (error messages)
  • PDM: Export/Import command into a supplier section
  • PDM: How to create a new currency
  • PDM: How to create a new supplier
  • PDM: How to save personal descriptions
  • PDM: How to save personal pricelist
  • PDM: How to send a project or a file directly to our helpdesk
  • PDM: Importing a customers data file (CSV)
  • PDM: Problems with no-latin characters
  • PDM: Run time error 52 Bad file name or number
  • PDM: Starting Masterchef Run Time Error 3704
  • PDM: Wrong calculation in additional costs and new currency
  • PRINT - offer: When you print an offer you cannot see all the information you set to be printed
  • PRINT OFFER: info details
  • PRINT OFFER: print preview is showing only half document
  • PDM: Run time error 339 at MasterChef startup(FAST2001.ocx)

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